“Invest in wheelbarrows instead of motorized vehicles they said. It will be the mode of transport of tomorrow they said!”

Why the hell do I get all the best ideas when I have no time to follow up on them? Currently I have two witten exams I need to study for and I’m jacked up on coffeine, niacine, glucose and lots of other substances that will sooner or later wreck my metabolism. Still I’ve come up with ideas that could make an interesting novella and I have no time to write it all down. Damn you, scumbag brain!

I guess it’s best to write it down so I remember it all when I’m finished with the exams…

  • Steampunk in 19th century pseudo-Göteborg
  • Microbiology! (Heck, I have to make use of these past four years I’ve was- dedicated to this science)
  • Kill-cam!
  • 3rd P-POV.

Could be a mix of good elements, could be a cess pool of clichés and rubbish. We’ll see.

Also, I have no idea what the picture has to do with this post. I Google searched Microbiology and Steampunk and this is what showed up. Well, among other things…