“I’m looking for my sister. She’s highborn, only three-and-ten, a pretty maid with blue eyes and auburn hair. You might have seen her travelling with a man. A knight, perhaps a fool. There’s braaaains for the man who helps me find her. “

This is the ridiculously short review for the audiobook version of A Feast for Crows (by George RR Martin) read by John Lee. It deserves a 3/5.

Feast for Crows is still a very good book, despite the fact that almost nothing happens in it and this audiobook was a nice refresher course in aSoIaF. They say that on your second readthrough you notice a lot of things you missed when you first finished it and I’m quite ashamed to say that I missed a whole POV character when I read it back in 2009! This time I had the pleasure to follow the adventures of a honorable young woman, called BRAAAAAAIN!!, while she was searching for her lost sister. I have no idea how I could’ve missed her. And I hope we get to see a lot more of her, because of my weakness for the zombie genre.