‘There is always time for antics’, moaned Zaphod

from his foetal position around a chair stem.

‘Antics get me out of bed in the morning.’

Guide Note: Quite possibly the steamiest pile of Vogon poetry on this side of the Horse Nebula. The characters are hysterical (not in the funny way), neurotic and off. Neither the Arthur nor the Ford or the Trillian from Douglas’ books seems to have made it to this one, as the trio in this book seemed to be some new edition to the series. The interactions between the characters are artificial and forced, and the story is of secondary importance as apparently much more time was devoted to formulating “funny” sentences and coming up with “hilarious” names. One should ask oneself why Colfer was chosen to write the (hopefully) last entry in the H2G2 series, as he has only written books for young adults, which clearly shows in the neurotic and erratic behavior of the characters. Did someone actually think that Douglas’ original pentology was aimed towards children? No personal insults directed at Mr. Colfer, but he clearly wasn’t the most suitable for the task. And the other question one should ask oneself is why, oh why was another book in the series even necessary? To fabricate a happy ending? Or to earn some easy cash? The answer is sadly both.

Even Trillian from the horrible motion picture is more enjoyable than the one encountered in Colfer’s book…

Forget this unnecessary footnote in the H2G2 series if you can. It’s pointless and a waste of time, effort, paper and ink. There are a few funny and good moments in this book, but they aren’t enough to make And Another Thing… a book worth reading. H2G2 is done and finished and we should leave it that way.

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