Well, I still do. But nowadays if I happen to be ignorant and oblivious about game mechanics and tactics I’m doing it conciously because, let’s face it, playing like you’re a complete fucktard can be more rewarding than spending hours on the net reading class guides and comparing builds before you actually start the game. The last time I researched a build before playing a game was when I created a battlemage back in Dragon Age Origins. But that’s more of an exception, because my love for battlemages is greater than my lack of love for doing anything that resembles studying when I’m playing a RPG. So don’t hold it against me. Back in the day though, let’s say around 2007, I was one of the (unintentionally) noobiest players on the Bloodhoof server. When I played WoW with my nelf twohander it was in all essence a single player game.

WoW was the first MMORPG I had played and before that I had spent most time on online games like Diablo II (which by the end of 06 mostly consisted of weird guys who opened trades with you just to flash their goods) and Jedi Outcast (now that’s one game I wish I could still be playing), so I wasn’t shocked that it proved to be hard at first. I didn’t however anticipate that I would still be a complete noob after Uldaman. I did some bad choices, I’ll give you that. I chose to be a warrior, which meant I would be without a job as Paladins were better tanks then us at the time. I chose to be a twohander, when I could’ve been a pure tank. I chose to be a Night Elf, when I could’ve been a Tauren or Troll warrior. And last but not least, I rebuilt my character just before they released a patch that made Fury warriors the worst build in the World of Everything. Ever.

But I learned from my mistakes. Sometimes I remember my incapable warrior with warmth and fondness. You know what I’m talking about, right? That simple feeling. Like the summer you spent with the dimwitted countryside cousin when you were both little. You won’t tell anybody that you hanged out with him, but in the end he was a nice friend and hunting frogs by the creek or peeing on electric fences was more fun than you had imagined it would be.

The time I spent levelling this fury nelf warrior Amrothieal taught me some valuable lessons. After reaching level 70 I started an alt, a gnome warlock. And she kicked some serious ass. Both in Gnomerrogon and on PvP battlefields. She had some serious potential and I knew that when I reached the max level I would be able to handle myself in heroic dungeons and on raids. Finally I would get some good loot.

But then I got bored, uninstalled the game and moved on. And I’m still a noob.