Well, it looks like the british actor, known for his roles in the original version of the Office and most

Artwork by mattolsonart ( mattolsonart.deviantart.com )

of the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks, is a step closer towards doning the mantle of Vargo Hoat in season 3 of the HBO series Game of Thrones. It’s nothing official, mind you, but he was seen in a pub in Northern Ireland together with the actors who play Sam, Pypar, Loras and Dolorous Edd. Coincidence? I sure hope not. I’ve been rooting for him as Hoat for a while now and it’s a shame the character didn’t make it to season 2. But it could turn out that the only thing in common the actors had in that particular pub was a thirst for a pint and nothing more.

Other than that, Clive Russell has been confirmed as the Blackfish, and Nathalie Emmanuel will probably play one of Dany’s handmaidens. Check out westeros.org for more information on the subject.